2014 Going from strength to strength
The engine was dynod this year at 1051bhp and 850lb-ft @ 3bar boost.

FWD Drag Series Round 1
We ran consistent 9.0's to take the win.

FWD Drag Series Round 2
Again ran consistent 9.0's to make #1 qualifier but rain cut the day short.

Outlaw Shootout
Set a new European Record of 8.859 @ 174mph, and won the event.

FWD Drag Series Round 3
A 9.1's pass took #1 qualifier and a we won the closest final of the year so far.

2014 Major Changes
  How can we improve on setting a new UK record 2013? That was the question we asked ourselves at the end of the season. The answer was more developments.

Owen Developments and Garrett Turbos have joined the team and sponsored us a 72mm turbo moving up from a 69/94 to a 72/02 so that should give is more power. To cope with the new power, we needed new injectors so Injector Dynamics have stepped up to sponsor us with a set of 1000cc primaries and 2000cc secondary's. To help with the breathing, some people run filter less but we don't. K&N have sponsored us a new filter.

MeisterR have also joined the team to sponsor us some custom designed/valved suspension. With their expertise onboard we should  be able to bring down those 60' times. Which weren't bad in the first place running 1.53's.

On top of all that we've taken even more weight out of the car. We've put a wide arch kit on, with fibreglass wings, modified the front bumper, added a rear drag wing to reduce rear end turbulence and stabilise the car at the top end of the track and flat bottomed the car to reduce drag.

Half way through the 2013 season we switch the gearbox oil we run in out PPG Drag Box to MOTUL, at the end of the season we stripped the box and it looked like new. MOTUL have now come on board as a sponsor for 2014.

2014 is going to be a good year.

2013 An amazing year
  2013 has seen this car become a real contender the first run of the season saw a 9.9, quickly followed by 9.8's and a 9.71. The following weekend consistent 9.55's and breaking the 160mph mark. Which put us firmly as the 2nd fastest FWD in the UK.

At the Outlaw Shootout we put in an unmatched time of 9.468@159

Then at God Of the POD the car really came into its own breaking the UK FWD record twice with a best time of 9.3223@165.45 to set a New UK FWD Record!.

Which we thought would last a while but no the next outing we smashed it again with an 8.999@164 more than we had ever hoped for this season.


2012 Set up year
  2012 we concentrated on setting the car up, PB were broken time and time again, culminating in a 10.06@127pmh lifting at the 1000ft.

This video is of an earlier run 10.07@147mph with a bad 60'

2011 Development year
  2011 was the start of a new era, we did away with the V6 and opted for an EVO engine, producing 957bhp 750lb-ft on the engine dyno.
2nd Oct 2010 HKS Series Round 5
  A rain soaked weekend saw no competition, however we did get a run in on the Saturday practice and popped in a new PB of 10.554 @ 136.21 mph.
21st Mar 2010 HKS Series Round 1

With very little development over the winter, we arrived not expecting too much, but went away with a 2nd place and a New PB of 11.066 at 137.01 mph. With more developments to come for the following rounds this is looking like it will be  a good season :)

17th Oct 2009


Test & Tune Day at Shakespeare

During the week we fitted a new boost controller that allowed me to adjust the boost in each gear. 9 runs later I had dialled in the exact boost I needed for 1st gear and was running a consistent low 1.7 second 60' time. So much so that I set a new PB of 11.082 at 135.50 mph and a new PB top speed on a separate run of 137.87

21st June 2009 HKS Series Round 5

A good weekend, got all the way to the final of the HKS series and was beaten by a very quick Guy Chamberlain. The car was starting to get back to its best achieving my quickest time of the year with an 11.1108 @ 136.91

11th July 2009


HKS Series Round 4

A disappointing weekend, knocked out in the 1st eliminators with gear selector problems.

14th June 2009


Pro Street Drag Series Round 3

On the morning of the 14th we had a mad dash over to Shakey to get one run of 12.4 seconds in, with damaged 4th gear, which was good enough to get us 4th in class, then a mad dash back to Santa Pod for the elimination rounds.

13/14th June 2009


HKS Series Round 2

A reasonable show however gearbox problems and the trip to shakey meant we lost valuable points finishing 3rd with a best run of 12.0 for the weekend.

17th May 2009


Pro Street Drag Series Round 2

A complete washout, we managed to get one run in during the whole weekend which was a respectable 11.6 which was enough to secure the points.

11th May 2009 HKS Series Round 1

The weekend saw the first round of the HKS series, during practice on Saturday the car was running well pulling consistent 11.1 second runs into a head wind. Terminal speeds were down by about 5mph on usual so the first 10 second pass looked to be on the cards.

Sunday the wind turned and we had a tail wind, could this be the day for the 10's? The first run of the day was a steady 11.3 which initially put us as number 1 qualifier, however a broken driveshaft in the 2nd qualifying round meant we missed the 3 round of qualifying where Guy Chamberlain managed to beat our time to knock us down into 2nd.

With one uprated driveshaft and one standard one we stage for the semi final eliminators, a poor launch off the line meant that Dougies honda was way out in front, but by the 1/8th we had almost pulled him back then a missed gear change and 2 attempts to get it into 4th meant Dougie was long gone....But there's always next time

20th April 2009 Pro Street Drag Series Round 1 - but its worth it in the end….

April the 18th/19th saw the first round of the Pro Street Drag Series at Shakespeare County Raceway. We had the whole weekend planned. Final mapping session on the Friday, light testing on the Saturday and the competition on the Sunday.. yeah well it didn’t quite go to plan!

On the Friday we had problems on the dyno we couldn’t strap the car down enough to map it, and we snapped a strap. So we decided to do some light road mapping Saturday, but the FTO was having none of it and decided it needed to see a dentist. It spat all the teeth out from its 4th gear late Saturday afternoon. So Dave and I had to borrow a gearbox from Don Griffiths (another NR FTO competing at the event) and had a mad rush on to change the gearbox ready for the Sunday. The ratios were too short but at least we could run.

Sunday proved to be just as eventful, with a snapped throttle cable on the 1st flat out run of the day but the good thing about drag racing is the camaraderie and a friendly Swedish Pro Drag Bike team gave us a new one.

We managed 4 runs in all but it was still enough to take a Class Victory and 10pts so it was all worth it in the end.